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Working Out at Home

With a new year comes a new rush of resolutions for personal betterment. Whether its cutting out that longtime vice or a push to do more positive activities, our New Years Resolutions reflect personal goals and the things we think we can do better.  Common among such resolutions is the desire to exercise more. Some…

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Vehicle Winter Preparedness

 Vehicle Winter Preparedness  The winter months bring all types of crummy weather that can cause problems on the road.  Whether taking that long-awaited holiday road trip, or just running to the store for that forgotten  grocery item, it is important to always be prepared for the worst. Following are item suggestions  for an emergency winter…

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Autumn Energy Saving Tips

As the weather becomes cooler, we can turn off our air conditioners and enjoy some utility savings. But the window is narrow and very soon we will need to kick on the heaters again. Here are some energy saving tips that can help keep utility costs down with the falling temperatures.  Manages The Thermostat: Maintaining…

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